Best in-class cloud native application development and integration
services for hybrid AWS and GovCloud environments

Build, migrate, and deliver your apps

on any AWS platform with Coalesce Solutions

Cloud Application

For over a decade, Coalesce® has been developing applications for customers with hybrid or fully cloud native environments, allowing these organizations to deploy applications, workloads, and data with maximum flexibility in compliance with strict compliance and security standards.

Hybrid Cloud
Systems Integration

Coalesce migrates, re-platforms, and connects systems and services to ensure fully integrated solutions for public and private sector customers between their data centers, Standard AWS Regions, or AWS GovCloud.

AWS Experience

Coalesce offers compliance-centric and secure cloud native application development solutions, migration services, and managed services for customers seeking to run their workloads on-premise, in the Standard AWS Regions, or in AWS GovCloud.

Benefits of our cloud native approach

Public and
GovCloud Ready

Coalesce-built applications
are optimized for AWS service
consumption including
AWS GovCloud.

AWS Cloud

We excel in migrating
and re-platforming
critical application
workloads to AWS.


Our AMIs can be
launched in one step
using Coalesce


Our security expertise allows
us to build and integrate
applications designed for
highly regulated and security-
sensitive environments including high impact level
FedRamp compliant AWS
GovCloud (US).

Customer Story

Coalesce Solutions provided migration and support services to a global space technologies company that designs and manufactures robotics and satellites for a variety of uses from video content distribution to mobile communications. We worked with this customer to migrate and enhance application changes to support running applications. The services also included system configuration; security and authentication customization; performance and user acceptance testing; and deploying monitoring services.

Application and infrastructure
migration services

Coalesce has a long track record of successful infrastructure and application migrations for clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Based on these experiences, we developed a proven capability to migrate application and workload architectures to the cloud utilizing our deep knowledge of all AWS services. Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud should add more value beyond lift and shift–our services include an audit and an evaluation of the current infrastructure, as well as migration recommendations based on which opportunities and AWS services would improve your business. Coalesce ensures your workloads remain highly secure, compliant, and available, with minimal downtime during the transition.

Customer Story

In order to efficiently and securely run multi-platform communications and heavy applications across all operations, a global space technologies company that designs and manufactures robotics and satellites for a variety of uses from video content distribution to mobile communications called on the Coalesce Solutions team to conduct a ColdFusion migration and re-platforming. Coalesce Solutions worked with this customer to migrate to AWS and make necessary code changes to support running applications. The services also include system configuration, security and authentication customization, performance, and user acceptance testing, and deploying monitoring services.

AWS GovCloud app dev services

Customer Story

For one of the world’s largest aerospace companies and manufacturer of commercial jetliners, defense, space and security systems, Coalesce provided migration services and hardened AMIs to securely run workloads that meet the highly regulated, security-sensitive, and compliance-focused environments. With Coalesce AMIs deployed on AWS GovCloud, this customer can deploy secure cloud solutions that comply with sensitive data-regulated workload standards and address the most stringent U.S. government security and compliance requirements.

Coalesce ProServ and Managed Services

Consult on
Best Practices
Enable Continuous
Disaster Recovery
Consume Additional
AWS Services
to the Cloud
Implement a
Hybrid Cloud
Secure Your
Custom Support Options
Including Ad-Hoc
and 24/7 Support