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Adobe ColdFusion

With more than two decades of improvements and widespread deployment, Adobe ColdFusion (CF) remains a trusted leader in cloud native app dev platforms in 75% of Fortune 100 companies.

Coalesce ColdFusion
AMIs Available on
AWS Marketplace

Coalesce develops and offers Adobe ColdFusion Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) through AWS Marketplace, optimized for both security and AWS service consumption.

ColdFusion AMI
and AWS Experience

Coalesce offers compliance-centric and secure Adobe ColdFusion application development solutions, managed services, and cloud consulting services. For nearly half a decade, Coalesce has been the Adobe ColdFusion Preferred Vendor for migrating and re-platforming critical Adobe CF workloads to AWS.

Coalesce AMI competencies and benefits



Coalesce-built AMIs are hardened and optimized for AWS service consumption



We focus on migrating and re-platforming critical Adobe ColdFusion workloads to AWS



Our AMIs can be launched in one step using Coalesce CloudFormation templates



We enhance AMIs designed for highly regulated and security-sensitive environments

Buy Adobe ColdFusion AMIs

Coalesce builds and offers Adobe ColdFusion AMIs, including
AMI versions optimized by Coalesce for security and AWS service consumption.

Available for Windows and Linux on AWS Marketplace, our AMIs are used by a wide range of customers including those in highly regulated environments such as the Financial Services and Healthcare industries, as well as FinTech ISVs and the Public Sector.

Coalesce Adobe ColdFusion AMIs on Windows
and Linux are Available Exclusively on

Windows AMIs

Linux AMIs

Customer Story

Market America | SHOP.COM wanted to accelerate application development to meet customer demands while reducing application programming interface (API) management cost and complexity. The company selected Adobe ColdFusion for its ease of use and to quickly develop, test, debug, and deploy applications across multiple devices with minimum effort using Coalesce Solutions AMIs. As a result, Market America|SHOP.COM increased development productivity by 25 percent which allowed them to develop more than 1000 applications annually.

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Secure AMI development
and enhancement

We enhance and harden AMIs for production use, as well as provide managed patching services and build pipelines to ensure secure and seamless AMI deployment on AWS Marketplace.

With decades of experience, Coalesce® has extensive experience building compliance-centered ColdFusion-based app server solutions that meet the requirements for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Level 1 Service Provider as well as in other highly regulated environments demanding HIPAA, SOC, and FISMA compliance.

Customer Story

Coalesce collaborated with a confidential customer who sells products and services for environmental, health, and safety professionals that utilize digitally transformative technology applications in the Higher Education/Academia, Healthcare, Construction, and Manufacturing industries.

We provided this customer with our hardened AMIs to securely run workloads enhanced to meet their highly regulated and security-sensitive environments.

Adobe ColdFusion workload migration

With customers increasingly looking to move on-premise ColdFusion workloads to the cloud, Coalesce has become a specialist in rapidly migrating workloads to AWS especially for hybrid environments.

Our migration services reduce customer operating costs, minimize downtime, and improve application performance and availability with a secure posture in the AWS Shared Responsibility Model. A sample of the AWS toolkit Coalesce® uses includes elastic load balancing on EC2, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, compliance scanning, as well as Systems Manager and CloudWatch.

Sample hardened ColdFusion deployment on AWS EC2

Customer Story

Coalesce Solutions® provided migration and support services to a global-space technologies company that designs and manufactures robotics and satellites for a variety of uses from video content distribution to mobile communications. We worked with this customer to migrate and enhance application changes to support running applications. The services also included system configuration; security and authentication customization; performance and user acceptance testing; and deploying monitoring services.

ColdFusion managed services

Given our longstanding Adobe ColdFusion expertise, customers select Coalesce to monitor, operate, host, and manage the performance and quality of the ColdFusion apps in their hybrid cloud environments, including technical and end-customer support.

Customer Story

We provided Adobe ColdFusion managed services including deployment, migration, hosting, monitoring, and maintenance of applications on AWS for a customer that provides educational software and learning tools for educators to use in the classroom.

Coalesce Adobe ColdFusion
services portfolio overview

ColdFusion AMI

Ready to
Manually Configure*
Coalesce Enhanced
ColdFusion AMI

Ready to

Collaborate, Build,
and Launch

Monitor, Operate,
and Maintain
CF Enterprise on Windows
CF Enterprise on Linux
AWS CloudFormation Templates Available
ColdFusion Support by Adobe
Ready to Deploy and Consume AWS Services
Hardened for Production Use
Configured for Load Balancers
Automated Code Deployment
Bootstrapping with CloudFormation
Manage with AWS Systems Manager
Amazon Inspector Compliance Scanning
Aggregate Logs with CloudWatch Logs

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Systems hardening
quick facts

A collection of tools, techniques, and best practices used to reduce security vulnerabilities by eliminating potential attack vectors and condensing the system’s attack surface.

Limit Blast

Prevent privilege escalation to restrict all access to
specific functionality and resources in order to
prevent a user application from gaining
administrative access to the underlying
operating system.

Reduce Attack

Mitigate risk of data breaches and
unauthorized access.

Accelerate Auditability
and Compliance

Operate in regulated environments and maintain
compliance with systems built to industry
standards and best practices.



A comprehensive cybersecurity approach is a best practice in most industries


Cloud Migration

Avoid the risks of substantial operational, financial, and legal risks from system attacks, IP theft, and revenue loss


Simplified Provisioning

Critical requirement for deploying applications in a regulated environment that needs to meet compliance standards

How Coalesce Hardens Apps

Coalesce hardens against publicly defined benchmarking standards and operates compliance scans of the resulting product before publishing. This is accomplished by following best practices such as adhering to the Principle of Least Privilege.


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